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About Us
Kigali Hope Organization KHO
Towards HIV free generation
Kigali Hope Organization (KHO) is a youth civil society organization whose members and beneficiaries are young people living with HIV. The organization is registered by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and the registration number is 466/RGB/NGO/12/2018.
KHO’s mission is to reduce HIV infections and improve lives of young people living with HIV. KHO is the only network of young people living with HIV in Rwanda; KHO Strategic Plan’s focus rests on the following long term goals: Reduce New HIV Infections among Youths in Rwanda, AIDS Impact Mitigation, Human Rights Promotion, Advocacy and Social Welfare, Capacity Building and Organizational Development. KHO has been and is still unique youth led organization at the front of fighting against HIV and human rights promotion, advocacy and social welfare of young people living with HIV in Rwanda, as result KHO member is a global fund youth community board member here in Rwanda .
Since its inception KHO has been striving to improve the lives of young people living with HIV, KHO has trained and economically empowered underprivileged youth infected and affected by HIV in the skills they need to transform their lives and their communities in order to make a greater contribution towards ending the AIDS epidemic. Today, there are 1535 members between the ages of 15-24 years old with an estimated number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of 20,000. The target beneficiaries have an age range between 15-24 because this is a critical transition period from childhood to adulthood during which most people become sexually active. Targeting this age range helps youths including young positives to be empowered to make healthy life choices as they enter ages 25 and beyond.

The Organization’s Approach
  • Empowerment, participation and inclusion are of central importance in the way we define and approach development.
  • KHO’s role as NGO is to facilitate youth in communities to make changes for themselves.
  • KHO supports communities in deepening their understanding of the root causes of their sufferings and in identifying their own solutions to overcome them.

  • Limited support that could help us reach more young people living with HIV in more health centres around the country
  • Lack of consistent funding to support administrative expenses
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Our vision
Kigali Hope Association’s vision is to see a nation where youth infected and affected by HIV are at the frontline in HIV response, their rights are recognized, their involvement in HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support meaningfully respected to enable them to contribute towards an HIV-free generation.
Our mission
Improve lives of young people infected and affected with HIV through advocacy, primary prevention, positive prevention and HIV & AIDS impact mitigation as well as deliver the place where every young person’s potential is fulfilled.

Objectives of the Organization
  • To advocate for the rights and welfare of young people living with HIV.
  • To reduce new HIV infections among young people through empowerment and psychosocial supports.
  • To educate HIV positive adolescents and young people on the benefits of positive prevention.
  • To strengthen the social and economic status of youth so they can take an active role in development.
  • To enhance primary prevention and sexual reproductive health education among young people
  • To promote gender equality and positive attitudes towards non-violence practices among young people in Rwanda.
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Project Officer

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