Kigali Hope Association (KHA) is a civil society network of young people living with HIV in Rwanda.

The organization was founded in 2007 by university students living with HIV as a support network. Since its inception, Kigali Hope Association has expanded to a national reach with 535 members and over 20,000 beneficiaries. The focus is on youth between the ages of 15-24 which is a critical transition period to adulthood during which people become sexually active

Through awareness campaigns, trainings, peer to peer counseling as well as various programs and projects, Kigali Hope Association engages young people and empowers them to positively contribute to national awareness of HIV, reduction and support. 

Specific challenges facing youth include: 

  • Inadequate access to comprehensive sexual knowledge
  • Lack of availability of youth friendly services, including sexual and reproductive health services 
  • Limited access to HIV treatment, care and support for youth
  • Narrow communication from parents and society on HIV prevention
  • Continued sexual violence against young women and girls

Young women are especially at risk of infection because of a combination of factors including biological, lack of access to HIV information, services and commodities, and often exploitative/ dis-empowering cultural and economic conditions. Therefore as a youth led organization, Kigali Hope Association plays an important role in youth development particularly young women to ensure the reduction of HIV.